In today’s Herald, Chairman Tim Purves talks about the benefits of funeral planning today.

Around 15% of Scots admitted they would struggle to pay for their funeral. Reports from insurance providers as well as the Scottish Government affirm that few of us have made adequate provision for our own send-off. And with families left to pick up the tab, shortfalls in funding is leading to financial pressure and hardship for those we leave behind.

To tackle this funding gap, we need to start talking about our funeral wishes. The problem is we’re culturally uncomfortable about these sorts of conversations. The various reports and studies available to us highlight, that amongst those who recently organised a funeral, few had a clear understanding of the deceased’s wishes. As funeral directors we see this situation played out in many arrangements.

It provoked us to respond by creating a suite of free resources to assist families in;

  • sharing their plans and expectations
  • asking questions to understand better the preferences of their loved ones
  • offering a platform for recording those wishes
  • and the best news… it doesn’t cost a penny

Using our Thinking Ahead checklist, you’re covering all the important decisions that need to be considered when arranging a funeral. From the big choices such as burial or cremation, to the detail of what flowers you want. You can make it as detailed or as brief as you like. Many of our clients use the checklist to get information now from their loved ones without the distress of illness or an imminent funeral need. And we’re often told it was never as bad as they feared.

Taking it a step further, you can go online and design your own funeral which creates a Plan of Wishes which we send to your email. This can be duplicated and sent to other friends or family – even executors.

Once the conversation has started, the reality of what the funeral may cost can also be discussed. Financial planning will follow once you – and your loved ones – have a more realistic understanding of what’s expected.

We’re here to help with this too by offering a choice of pre-payment plan options. By being proactive about life’s only certainty, death, you can relax and enjoy your twilight years without the worry of who is going to pick up the bill.