Two years ago, the funeral sector had to pivot almost overnight and deliver the best service possible in the worst of circumstances during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Technology was the key to adapting how we delivered quality funeral support to grieving families then, and we’ve taken the best of it to create new opportunities for 2022 and beyond.

Distance no object

With evolving travel restrictions, isolation consideration and limits on mourner numbers, we had to be creative with how people could “attend” a funeral.  Live streaming and webcasting funerals was the solution and in a few months we saw an 80% uptake in this service.  Suddenly it didn’t matter where you lived, you could be part of an event and hear/see the tributes, service and send-off.  You could pay your respects albeit from a distance, feel part of it, and most importantly, say goodbye.

Inside and (not or) out

As restrictions eased, we were able to build our knowledge and resource to extend live streaming to events which had an external dimension.  One example that stands out was a drive-through event where a farmer’s field became the venue for around 50 cars filled with singe households who would have otherwise been prevented from paying their respects.  Since then, we now regularly host live streamed woodland burials and can even erect screens to ensure funerals that exceed the indoor limits, can be shared outside.


Printed orders of service are a fairly traditional part of the funeral experience.  Now we can provide printed and digital tributes where our team can assist building a presentation with photography and video taken from a range of contributors.  If it’s in jpeg or mp4 format, we can create and build a lasting legacy that families can keep forever.  With soundtracks, the full audio visual impact leaves a lasting legacy alongside a printed memoir.

Affordable and green

Traditional funerals can place financial burdens on those families tasked with the arrangements.  At an already difficult time, and in usually a short time-frame, they have to arrange transport, a service, and catering. Attending a funeral creates a carbon footprint.  Virtual funerals are an easy and effective way of lowering that green cost to the planet, and overall, can provide other affordable savings too.  By having fewer people to cater for, families spend less on the funeral without losing any of the personalisation.

Now or later

Digital tributes can be arranged over time so the funeral and the celebration of life may be on different days.  Families can take their time building a tribute, share the burden amongst others, receive a wide range of contributing material from stories, photographs, videos.

Memorial stones are a traditional way of leaving a legacy for generations to come but we can also explore options like ashes into jewellery, vinyl or even fireworks for a later celebration of life.  Arranging a plaque, tree or bench is also possible creating a place for people to go at a later time to pay their respects.

We’re creative problem solvers and love when we’re asked to do something out of the ordinary.