How much will it cost? It’s a common concern that families face when they’re organising a funeral. 

Funerals are costly.  That’s because it involves the safe, dignified care of a loved one coupled with a time-critical administrative process when a myriad of decisions are needed.  An overriding driver for many families is arranging a farewell that the deceased would have wanted.  All amidst the turmoil of grief, loss and change. 

In our experience, the cost of a funeral is not just in pounds and pence, but in the emotional weight placed on families at their time of need.  So, what’s our advice?

Don’t be afraid to ask.

We’re very transparent about the costs involved.  On our website we devote an entire section to listing each element so people can see what’s included in our professional fee, and get a rough ballpark of what costs are attached to the other necessary, as well as optional choices.  This is a good start.

Compare like with like.

No two funerals are the same.  Neither are two funeral directors. 

Comparison websites and daytime adverts offering low cost funeral solutions can potentially mislead.  To get an accurate idea of cost, you need to ensure what you want is included in your quote or costing.  We set out a professional fee that includes most of our service as standard.  We don’t charge extra, for example, to come to you at 3am, or to meet you in your home, or to collect clothing or return ashes, or to view your loved one.  But other companies may and this quickly adds up.

If you have to cut costs, how can we help?

Funerals can suit any budget.  Our team are skilled at listening and establishing what’s important for your loved one and those arranging.  They can advise on creative ideas (or what to avoid) that will help meet any budget requirements.  For example, would a smaller posy of flowers work instead of a large display, a veneer coffin rather than a solid wood, or use our complimentary obituary online and in social media rather than pay for an expensive newspaper notice.   

Be creative

Sometimes the most thoughtful ideas cost nothing.  We’ve produced a guide called “I Didn’t Know You Could Do That” to help families find inspiration to make the funeral more personal.  From taking a loved one’s cushions to the church or cemetery, to funeral favours like seeds or flowers from a garden, a dram at the graveside, or a dress code for mourners.  There are so many ways we can help shape an event.

Direct cremation savings?

Direct cremations are ideal for people who want absolutely no service, no attendance and where timescales are unimportant.  Essentially it’s a disposal arrangement between the crematorium and the funeral director.  And the price reflects this.  In some cases, a celebration of life may follow at a different date and this allows families to make arrangements that may take longer and involve more people.   A funeral will include the coffin at a service or celebration in a church, crematorium, service room, around which people hear a tribute or eulogy reflecting the deceased’s life.  This tradition ritual is a healthy way to say goodbye, to celebrate a life lived, even if this is as unfussy as possible.  So speak to us about what matters so we can help guide the event that best suits you.

Plan ahead

In our experience, funerals that are pre-planned are easiest to arrange.  Removing the burden of decisions from your loved ones by having your wishes set out for them to follow is one of the kindest things you can do.  It costs nothing.  Go to Plan Your Wishes to select your choices and we’ll email a Plan for you to keep safe or share with others.    Where there are doubts about flowers, coffin choice, even transport, families tend to spend more as they attempt to guess what their loved one wanted.  So remove the burden by setting out what you actually want ahead of time.

Fix your costs at today’s prices

Yes, it’s possible to lock in our professional fees, AND to put aside a generous sum towards the third party extras such as cemetery or crematoria fees.  Pre-paid funeral plans with Golden Charter are a safe, secure and popular way to save money.  When costs are rising, the money you put aside is used for your funeral saving your family worry and expense.  Find out more about our plans here.

If you need advice for your own funeral or that of a loved one, we’re always available to talk.  Conversations cost nothing – tap into our years of experience helping families at their time of need.